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Pilgrims' Patter

"Pilgrims' Patter" is a discussion list for fans of Boston United FC - "The Pilgrims". It is your chance to
share your thoughts or opinions on any Boston United related topic. You can either post a new message or respond to previous messages posted in the "Pilgrims' Patter" forum. Please try to avoid excessive abusive language. Offensive, puerile or inaccurate messages may be removed or edited!

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WARNING: The views expressed in this discussion list are the views of the individual contributor 
and not the views of Boston United Football Club.

To post messages on "Pilgrims' Patter" you must be a registered user. 
To post a message just click on the "New Topic" or "Post Reply" buttons at the top of each thread.

"Pilgrims' Patter" is administered by Ken Fox, Boston United's webmaster
If you want to get in touch with him directly, he can be reached at:

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